First Guardian Equities (FGE) is one of the premier stockbrokers in Sri Lanka. A licensed trading member of the Colombo Stock Exchange, FGE focuses on a sound synergy between finely honed market research and avant-garde financial consulting in providing customized solutions to address clients imperative financial and investment needs. 

ISMS Objective 

The objectives of First Guardian Equities (FGE) is:  

  • To ensure the appropriate protection of FGE’s sensitive information processed, stored or transmitted on corporate ICT System.   
  • To ensure the appropriate protection of FGE’s customer information processed, stored or transmitted on corporate ICT System.  
  • To prevent a breach or unauthorized access to FGE’s systems  
  • To protect the First Guardian Equities brand reputation  
  • To comply with applicable laws and regulations 

ISMS Policy 

The Senior Management Team has developed a comprehensive Information Security Policy, which is to: 

“Establish, monitor and continually improve safeguards for the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all physical and electronic information assets of First Guardian Equities (Pvt) Ltd to ensure the business continuity and to minimize the risk of damage by security incidents and their potential impact whilst fulfilling regulatory, operational and contractual requirements.” 

First Guardian Equities (Pvt) Ltd is committed in respecting the privacy of all its customers and protecting any data about customers from unauthorized parties. The management is committed to maintaining a secure environment in order to provide a complete protection to all customer data that have been entrusted with First Guardian Equities (Pvt) Ltd as a part of business process. 

Employees who handle sensitive company and customer data should ensure: 

  • To handle company’s and customer information as per the classification on the basis of their sensitivity. 
  • To limit access and use to authorized individuals  
  • To not engage in any form of unauthorized communications whatsoever that compromises the security of the data, violates the legal, regulatory requirements and/or contractual obligations 
  • To abstain from disclosure of any company and/or customer information without appropriate authorization 
  • To employ all available security controls to ensure seamless protection to company’s and customer data 

First Guardian Equities (Pvt) Ltd also committed in complying with various legal and regulatory requirements whilst ensuring all stakeholder interests are protected and respected. The company also committed to continually improve their information security framework with industry best practices and advancements.  

All managers are directly responsible for implementing this policy in their respective departments and ensuring compliance by all employees under their purview. 

Compliance with the Information Security Policy is mandatory for every stakeholder (including employees) of First Guardian Equities (Pvt) Ltd.